Stop Managing Your Time and Start Managing Your Energy

Stop Managing Your Time and Start Managing Your Energy – Derek Mair

Quantum Physics has proven beyond doubt that nothing is solid, although it may appear so to us. All objects, organic or inorganic are in a constant state of flux, or motion, or vibrational energy.

Everything is in fact made of energy. Just like the light spectrum some vibrational energies you can only partially detect and perceive, some you cannot detect or perceive such as that of a table leg, and some you perceive through your minds filters as continual fluid motions such as a movie, which is collection of still pictures captured at a minimum of 24 frames per second.

Perception is awareness of your environment but it is shaped by beliefs. Belief precedes perception because they have already been programed into your subconscious. Beliefs determine your biological and behavioural reality, in other words you don’t see the world as it is, you see the world as you are or more appropriately as you FEEL emotionally.

Take old age… as soon as you start to tell yourself that you cannot do something anymore, then your biological ENEGRY system will adjust to prove you right and you will begin feel old and believe it to be so.

“Age is not a function of time, it is a function of belief and non-motion. Dis-ease (disease) is not a function of ill health, it is a function of belief and imbalance”.

Derek Mair

You are pure energy in its most beautiful and intelligent configuration. Energy that is constantly changing beneath the surface controlled by your powerful mind, with its programming code, your emotions, which is driven by your spirit, and determined by the health of the vessel in which they reside, your body.

Quantum physics has proven the world is not the hard and unchangeable thing it may appear to be. Instead, it is a very fluid place continuously maintained using our individual and collective thoughts.

Your world is made of the balance (or imbalance) of body, mind, emotions and spirit….

  • Body has no power to create, although it gives the illusion of power to do so. This illusion is the cause of much frustration. Body is purely an effect and has no power to cause or create, it can only experience and be experienced….
  • Thought cannot experience … it can only perceive, label and create. It needs a world of relativity and the need to give meaning to everything in order to experience itself.
  • For every effect in your life the cause is thought, which is influenced by emotions, the source of perceived meaning and the code to our subconscious belief programing.
  • Spirit gives overall meaning to our lives and what we do with them… a sense of purpose that drives persistence of actions.

The key with all of this information is how you learn to see YOUR universe differently than you do now so that you can manifest everything you truly desire.

The Four 4 Domains of Intentional Energy & Balance

Most people believe that balance and efficiency is a function of managing their Time, where in fact the key to balance and efficiency is to manage your Intentional Energy…

The Domain of Physical Energy: The Body

The basis for all other domains of energy, physical energy is comprised of sleep, fitness, nutrition, and intermittent daytime renewal, which is closely linked to your ability to manage emotions, focus your intention and attention, and significantly performance in the workplace…

59% of workers are physically depleted, emotionally drained, mentally distracted, and lacking in meaning & purpose.*

*(What is your Quality of Life at Work? Harvard Business Review)

The body is an amazing vessel. It is adaptable, responsive and mesomorphic to varying degrees in everyone. When you exercise you begin to begin the process of reformatting your own epigenetics, down-regulating genes that make you more susceptible to disease and stabilising your endocrine system diminishing the stress hormones, putting your whole being back into a sate of homeostasis, (balance).

If you are overweight, starting to eat healthier and reducing carbs at peak times of your working day will dramatically improve your energy levels and avoid those circadian lulls. Understand that you will lose Visceral fat around your organs before you lose Subcutaneous fat under your skin, isn’t it amazing that your body will target the biggest threat to your survival before it targets how you look… So, if you have started a healthier eating plan, be grateful that you are losing fat you cannot see before you can see the fat you are losing.  

In any physical endeavour recovery is just as or more important than the activity itself, and the same is true in the workplace. Counterintuitive to our western working culture, providing platforms and mechanisms for your team to recover 10mins in every 90mins has been proven to raise efficiency and contribution levels across many studies.

The Domain of Influential Energy: The Emotions

Emotions are simply internal signals, designed to guide you when you learn to be aware of them.

They signal you of ‘alleged’ dangers in the road ahead, which you may take a wide detour to avoid, despite the fact they are based only on perceptions.

They signal you that you are about to, or have, violated one of your core values, causing perhaps the reaction of guilt, that some may allow to fester or ignore, where in both scenarios you fail to learn the lesson your emotional guidance system was providing for you.

They signal you that perceptually another has violated one of your core values, causing perhaps the reaction of anger by the way they spoke to you, or that they were trying to shame you or make a fool of you in some way causing perhaps the reaction of getting your own back.

One thing is true, when you succumb to these negative energies, without rationalising the signals by viewing them from different perspectives to learn from them and better your future outcomes, they tend to turn into moods or hang-ups that can affect you for prolonged periods draining your energy and therefore your efficiency levels.  

Fact 1. Your emotions are doing what they were designed to do, to protect you at all costs.

Fact 2.  Emotions are outcomes of your thought perceptions.  

Fact 3. Your emotions have a huge impact on your effectiveness.

Fact 4. When you become more ware of your emotions and rationalise the signals they are sending you take back control regardless of external stresses.

Fact 5. Realise that you tend to perform best when you are feeling positive energy and your ability to lead and perform diminishes when you are feeling any other way.

Recovery time again… Without intermittent recovery, you are not physiologically capable of sustaining highly positive emotions for long periods. Antagonised with persistent stresses and unexpected challenges, people tend to slip into negative emotions—the fight-or-flight mode—often multiple times in a day. They become short-tempered and annoyed, or uneasy and apprehensive. These states of mind drain people’s energy and cause friction in their relationships. Fight-or-flight emotions also make it impossible to think clearly, logically, and reflectively.

However, when you understand that every reaction has a trigger, thought and emotion behind it, you gain the ability to learn to recognise what events or situations trigger your negative emotions, and the opportunity to respond

Deep abdominal breathing is one way to defuse negative emotions. Thinking time after mediation also promotes mind-body balance. One long term daily ritual you must adopt is to practice an attitude of gratitude.

In the workplace Emotional energy is also about learning to cultivate the specific emotions associated with high performance, because how you make people feel profoundly influences how they perform.

The Domain of Focused Energy: The Mind

Mental symbols are our way of encoding sensory experiences. They form the basis of our complex systems of language and communication. We may choose to keep our mental symbols to ourselves or represent them to others using words or pictures.

In the workplace and especially for leader’s Mental energy is about learning to focus in an absorbed way and switching intentionally between tactical and big-picture thinking.

To learn about the three selves that live inside your mind-body contact me to send you a copy of the educational slideshow: HOW YOU WORK.

The Domain of Persistence Energy: The Human Spirit (Purpose & Meaning)

People tap into the energy of the human spirit when their everyday work and activities are consistent with what they value most and with what gives them a sense of meaning, purpose, self-growth, certainty, autonomy and significance.

The quintessential characteristic of the human mind is that we need to give meaning to absolutely everything, and when it comes to ourselves and other people that generally means labelling our self and others, most significantly as a result of our actions, endeavours, achievements and physical / mental health…

The common phrase ‘Will Power’ suggests there is some mystical power perhaps at work, which of course you blindly associate to your actions, endeavours and achievements, or lack thereof. This allows you to label yourself as having or not having will power, where in fact there is no mystical power; there is only your ‘Will to Meaning’.  In terms of medical health it allows you to label yourself with a condition, which allows you to use it as an excuse to supress your Will to Meaning and stay exactly where you are. When your will to meaning is suppressed your associated pain of progressing on your journey to better heath, is far greater than the pain of staying exactly where you are, even if you do not like where you are.

To cultivate a better Will to Meaning, you need to start asking yourself better questions about your real Emotional WHY’s that you are associating to actions, endeavours, achievements, goals and health.

Witting these down with an associated near future goal or outcome, reading them and visualising the person who is experiencing them every day will continually re-inforce your Will to Meaning.   

In the workplace Spiritual energy is the energy derived from serving something larger than oneself, which comes from your defined business purpose and vision, and maintained by living your core values.


Acknowledgements: Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy – Harvard Business Review

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