Executive Consultancy

Executive Consultancy is contracted through NOVO Leadership International to enable enterprise transformation with larger organisations.

An executive consultant is an expert and works as an outside resource for companies to gain new perspectives on various situations faced by them;

As an executive consultant hired on a contractual basis we work with C-suite or senior officials within the company to benchmark, advise and enable change mechanisms.

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Non-Executive Directorships

Unlike most NED appointments, which are generally working exclusivly with Boards Of Directors in larger SME businesses, Derek works on every aspect of the business as a partner and sounding board to question decisions, provide strategic insights, enhance the culture, and Systemise the Business.

Through a unique combination of Transactional Consultancy, Strategic Contribution, Transformational Coaching and BOD Accountability,  as required, Derek works directly with executives and management teams to help them overcome challenges and accelerate performance. Identify and capitalise on opportunities for change, improvement and growth; engaging team members to move the organisation up the Performance Vortex© where the company will have access to all the tools, systems and resources developed over a decade in Derek’s coaching company, Nagage-2-Xcel, including access to its partner coaches.

By disrupting the norm and exploiting the company’s strengths led by the proprietary Lean Leadership© change management model a new norm will be created raising the Emotional Intelligence of the entire Organisation. The objective is to achieve significant results focused on profitability, working capital, shareholder equity and personal wealth creation through an ‘Entry Strategy‘ to new ventures, which may include business acquisitions and property development. 

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Non Executive Directorship Overview

The retained NED position carries no entitlement to vote on the Board and fulfils a time commitment to the equivalent of at least 1 day per month, or as the business requires. It follows Derek’s Proven and Proprietary Systemwhich can be adapted to suit any size of company and has been employed in many businesses, service and product based alike, derived from his years of experience, starting $100M+ revenue manufacturing operations in three continents and over 10 years working with large and small SME’s, and supporting corporates in growth programs, see Derek’s Testimonials.

Through Derek’s connections in the Investment world, obtained from building a global property investment business, you will also have access to development funding where required.

The NED position  is often considered a more cost effective and better option to coaching as the Non Executive is tied to the business growth and performance with an agreement to receive performance bonus or deferred share issue when targets or outcomes are realised. 

Whilst the role may vary depending on a Corporate or SME appointment, it serves to contribute to fulfilment of the business potential:

To act in accordance with the Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct and the Company Values at all times.

To help create and administer a business succession / exit strategy or wealth creation plan for the shareholders, which may include execution of an acquisition plan, and incorporation of  a Holdings model.

To act as an unbiased, objective and impartial member of the Board, questioning decisions to ensure clarity of desired outcomes are in the best long-term interests of its shareholder and stakeholders.

To contribute to the process of establishing the values and vision of the company and help build strong culture norms. raising the Emotional Intelligence of the entire organisation.

To assist in the development of the organisation’s strategy, ensuring this is implemented via effective policies, plans and processes

To drive collective emotions in a positive direction and ensure the delivery of the vision and purpose within balanced outcomes 

To question and provide clarity on strategic direction and impartially hold people accountable to ensure cultural, operational, commercial & systems alignment.

To act as a consultant, coach and mentor for the executive Board members and key personnel, in so far as this does not compromise the independence of the Non-Executive Directorship.

To attend other ad hoc meetings or sit on Board Sub-Committees as required.

To strengthen connections with the local community, with stakeholders, with investors, and to represent the company externally where required.

To participate in the development of the organisation’s growth, ensuring this is implemented via effective policies and plans, whilst ensuring effective risk management and control processes are in place.

Hold to account the performance of management in meeting to agreed goals and performance objectives.

To steer Human Resources and Health, Safety & Environmental activities and compliance.

To steer and consult on Quality Management Systems.

To steer and consult in Financial Management including Capital Expenditure & Budget controls.

To offer constructive criticism, challenge the team and contribute to leadership and team member growth within the organisation:

To constructively challenge and help develop proposals on business development improvements, and business acquisition consultation where appropriate.

To review and help create operational systems that leverage the company’s efficiency.

To run workshops that align the team and move the entire organisation up the performance vortex.

To participate consultatively in induction programmes and facilitate people development and other internal workshops as deemed appropriate.

To steer and participate where required in the hiring processes, appraisal and remunerations systems.

To mentor, coach and support individual growth and career development plans.

To provide support on a wide view of business development and marketing activities, including opportunities for revenue and profit growth, strategic planning and the development of material.

To facilitate investor relations for development funding.

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