People find it difficult to explain what great leadership is, because 'Great Leadership' works through the emotions to ignite our passion and inspire the very best in us...

“Leadership Is To Drive Collective Emotions In A Positive Direction Toward A Pre-Determined Destination”

Derek Mair


Therefore, the traditional concept of Top Down Leadership is completely outdated, yet still taught and practiced...

“The immutable practice of Bottom up Leadership engages, empowers and evokes contribution at all levels, which enables Top Down Steering”

Derek Mair

The top question I am consistently asked is, what can I do to get my team to perform better?

"Stop asking yourself why don't my team contribute more; Start asking yourself what am I doing to become a better leader and engender higher purpose"

Derek Mair

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Redefining Leadership

To become a leader the goal is to grow the greatness within you; to ignite a passion for self actualisation in the service of others and engage your sub conscious in new habits of creative thinking. You will know you are a leader when you stop trying to grow greatness in others. Instead you will have realised that greatness already exists in others, your goal as a leader is simply to elicit it.

Greatness in itself is not a function of circumstance, it is function of self discovery; cognitive awareness, emotional intelligence, conscious choice and discipline.

The fact is that leadership cannot simply be taught, it must be experienced. It is a continual journey of self-discovery and not a destination. The effectiveness of that journey will depend on the internal foundations upon which it is based, and the cultivated path that it follows. Therefore for true potential to be realised the journey must start from within and be supported throughout…

A common misconception of a leader is of someone in a team or organisation who is in a position of authority. In other words the conception is paradoxically associated to a title, such as supervisor, manager or captain.

NOVO Leadership DNA

The paradigm is that a leader is actually someone in a position to influence, which by definition means the ability to influence yourself as well as others. Therefore everyone in an organisation has the capability and should be considered a leader, which at the very least means they take ownership for their defined responsibilities, holding themselves primarily accountable, and in so doing positively influencing others; If Management is about processes, Leadership is about people.

"Unfortunately, the vast majority of leaders today never learn about ‘Leading Yourself’ because we are conditioned to skip directly to the principles of leading others… Learning to lead from the inside out is the key to leading others and to building the fortitude of character required to lead change."

Derek Mair

Change begins when emotionally intelligent leaders create a platform where everyone within the organisation can actively question the emotional reality and the cultural norms underlying their team’s daily activities and behaviours, expecting response, not reaction…

This paradigm shift can be delivered at every employment level within an organisation through our Emotional Connection (emc2) Leadership Programs©. When coupled with cultural development, an organisation can create new synergies of engagement, contribution and value through higher purpose, and by default better results driven bottom up, inside out. ”

PS. "Performance is a By-Product of Purpose... Period"

NOVO Operational Excellence Trifecta

The proprietary process, change methodology and ethos of LEAN Leadership©, with the principles of Emotional Intelligence enveloped in an Operational Excellence Trifecta© can be integrated to support and complement Leadership Programs.

Leadership Programs

NOVO Leadership Coaching Programs

Our Emotional Connection, (emc2)© Leadership Coaching Programs are customised to the organisation's and individuals unique needs.

The premise is to provide a combination of Transformational coaching (positive behavioural change) Accountability coaching (goal setting results). And to the degree required Transactional coaching (business & management skills)

To have long term success as a coach or as a leader you have to be obsessed in some way... At NOVO Leadership we are obsessed about people, whatever the service or product your organisation offers, you are in the people business.

Leadership coaching, however, is not for the meek. It is for people who value unambiguous feedback and are ruthlessly progress orientated. Great executive coaching asks you hard questions, influences you to move out of your comfort zone, however fundamentally it enables you to go further faster... To be clear, going further faster is not only about you, it is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.

NOVO Leadership emc2 Leading Yourself Program

Team Coaching

For those who are ready to step up from technical or other roles into supervisory or management positions, or have already done so without any leadership experience, and may require generalised business knowledge.

NOVO Leadership emc2 Leading Others Program

Integrated Coaching

Some Senior Managers, Directors whom the company expects more from in terms of self direction and / or team, department and self results.

NOVO Leadership emc2 Leading Change Programs

Executive Coaching

C- Suite executives ,(CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s) VP's, Directors who want to lead organisational change and maximise potential.

NOVO Leadership Leading Connection emc2 ProgramCultural Development - Lean Leadership System
A recommended support program that integrates with other programs by engaging participants in leading team members through micro improvement projects guided by a proprietary Lean Leadership© system.

Raise the ‘Emotional Intelligence of your Organisation’, defined as the social, emotional, and behavioural norms that interact in every event, situation and communication. It is the evolution and integration of Lean Principles with Agile Thinking and Emotional Intelligence through a proprietary Operational Excellence Trifecta©

Develop a coaching culture within the organisation, which builds self-confident ,self-leading team members and an empowered organisation designed to create a flatter, more efficient and profitable management structure.

Team Alignment Workshop
Ran in support of other programs or as part your internal induction program, or simply team development needs, our Team Alignment is a fun interactive team building half day or full day workshop, aligning the whole team to each other and to the business vision and goals. Note: Full day includes DISC Behavioural profiling.

Next Steps...

Take the Questionnaire the challenge to find out 'How Effective Your Leaders Are'.  This simple dynamic enquiry will provide you with valuable insights into your leadership team.  After reviewing we can arrange to meet and provide you with new perspectives on your leadership and cultural challenges with no obligation on your part.

Contact us for more information on Standard or Bespoke Workshops or for an in-depth look at your organisations Leadership Development Needs Analysis, (DNA) Report.

“Great leaders do not build great businesses; great leaders build great people who build great systems that run great businesses”

Derek Mair