A Beginners Guide To Goal Setting

 A Beginners Guide To Goal Setting – By Derek Mair

I am a goal setter and a goal achiever and always attain my primary goal each day without fail. When I do so I give so much gratitude for that success that I emotionalise an avalanche of appreciation, experienced as absolute joy…

My primary goal – is to awaken each day with breath in my lungs… I am alive with an abundance of opportunities before me to live my authentic self and experience my fulfilment flow.

Though I do not give it conscious energy I accept in peaceful expectation for the day I do not achieve my primary goal, in the knowledge that I will awaken to unconditional love, pure joy, and appreciation that I chose to climb… I am enlightened with an abundance of new opportunities before me to experience.

“Live your flow; Love yourself; Become aware, articulate and respect your personal values; Appreciate everything you have right NOW, not least the breath in your lungs; Consciously speak your truth regardless of ‘perceived’ consequence; Set intentions for ‘every’ single task, goal or challenge you undertake from a place of love and kindness and attack them with passion as your authentic self; Never compare yourself to others or their scores, simply pursue with zeal ‘your’ personal bests; Expect many obstacles along the way and when they appear, Choose to Climb beyond them; Life without limits.” Derek Mair

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Book Extract – Choose To Climb – Beyond Your Summit – By Geraldine Mair


It does not matter who you are, where you come from or any historical beliefs that make you feel less in this moment. You’ll find the capacity to triumph when you surround yourself with those who believe there is enough for everybody and take enormous pleasure in celebrating those wins with fervour. Any person who cannot freely compliment an achievement that you have attained, discourage or ridicule your ideas can only ever serve to reflect back a life that evolves into more of the same.

The individuals that you spend most of your time with can either help you to realise an exceptional life or will assist in repetitive cycles that interrupt that growth. Don’t you want to have friends that challenge you to be better not ones whose only goal is to persuade you to give up on dreams that they do not understand? Climbing to a summit is not on their cards for the work and discipline required to get them there involves too much effort and time. Are you happy to accept this influence in your own life or do you secretly dream of something much better?

Your heart, your dreams and your passions can create a new reality that didn’t exist before; you will know this instinctively because you will feel that internal tug inside of you, willing you to be better. Energies are contagious so choose to immerse yourself with those you wish to catch it from, follow that calling and do not become the casualty of an expensive lesson that can rob you of your future; many people die with their hopes still inside of them because they allowed the doubts of others, to penetrate deep into their own minds which ultimately influenced their decisions. When you stop believing in yourself you create the platform to follow someone else’s idea of who you should be

instead. Love your own journey enough to want to participate in the creation of it, regardless of others opinions, take a risk and choose to climb into your full potential. It’s yours for the taking.

Can you see it?


“Surround yourself with great people, those who are willing to grow and get excited that you are on the path with them. They are you tribe, never in competition with you but a pack that will celebrate your every win as though it was their own”

Geraldine Mair


I already know the special people that belong in my life, I am aware of those who appear toxic and draining and it is my responsibility to remove them from my experience, I do so with love, I have no malice towards them of any kind. My journey is different from theirs, I have grown and they have still to find their path. I grow in grace and I follow my destiny it is my highest calling willing me to proceed


  • If you had only one day left to live, would you spend it with those who currently occupy your circle, if not allow yourself the opportunity to make new connections.
  • You may not need to erase certain people completely if they have been a part of your life for a long time but it might be a healthier choice to reduce the time that you spend in their company.
  • People with a purpose to give back and make a difference are never after the adulation for themselves, in doing so they are automatically raised to a higher state of consciousness.
  • Small people belittle others, if you are witness to this refuse to participate, you will never reach your best via this route.
  • Stop trying to impress those who are waiting for you to fall.

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