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Your Professional Needs

You are a corporate looking to strategically benchmark capacity, capability and competitiveness, or a larger business looking to get systems, people & shareholder value to the next level; consider Executive Consultancy.

You are a large or corporate organisation who wishes to engage its people taking them from compliant employees to committed contributors and raise the organisations emotional intelligence; consider a Leadership Program.

Your turnover is less than £2m, you are working too many hours, need people to step up, need systems and there is no business without your constant input, though you are committed to improve; consider Coaching Academies.

You are committed to discovering the best version of you and your career; consider Personal Development.

Professional Services

Executive Consultancy

Every business can benefit from having an experienced set of business advisors that can frequently visit and provide consultations, systems, coach directors and leaders, provide team training and have an objective and impartial executive sit on its board of directors to help steer the organisation... It is perhaps rare however, to find and appoint a trusted advisor that has the experience and proven record of fulfilling all these roles...

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Executive Consultancy & Leadership Coaching

‘Novo Leadership International’ are at the forefront of developing and delivering world class solutions that Energise, Mobilise and Connect Organisations through the Neuroscience of Vocational Leadership©.

We partner with your HR and current Talent Management resources to enhance Leadership and People engagement and effectiveness through our proprietary programs tools and methods…  Connecting the Culture with ‘Higher Purpose’ to Raise ‘The Emotional Intelligence of the Entire Organisation and Shift into FLOW©

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Business Coaching Partnership Opportunities

'Ngage-2-Xcel Ltd'. is a Coaching company running progressive Business, Growth and Leadership Academies throughout the UK since 2012.

It is an Affiliate Partnership System; a Business Bolt-On opportunity for Coaches, Accountants, Banks & Network Groups, etc. designed to leverage their service offering by adding value to clients without detracting from time or resources.

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However, Leadership is not what you think...

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Personal Development

'Choose to Climb' is a personal development company. When building a successful business or executive career the real difference, the ‘missing gap' is a positive reinforcing support network around you. For the first time you can engage family and friends in a personal development platform to supplement your leadership and business transformations.

Enhance your life, your relationships, your health, your career, your finances, your fun and leisure, and find balance...

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Increase The Emotional Intelligence Of Your Organisation

Discover the proven, proprietary Change Management Process, methodology and ethos of LEAN Leadership©, enveloped in an Operational Excellence Trifecta© that can integrate to support and complement Leadership Programs and NED appointments.

This paradigm shift can be delivered at every employment level within an organisation through our Emotional Connection (emc2) Leadership Programs©. When coupled with Cultural Development, Behavioural Change Platforms and a Quality Management System fit for purpose, your organisation can create new synergies of engagement, contribution, performance and by default results.

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About Derek

Derek is a Professional Business Builder and Investor owning companies in the Construction, Engineering and Education Sectors.

"I am business owner, investor, disruptor and enabler...

Born in 1967 I married my wife Geraldine in 1990 and our son Christopher was born in 1994. Having moved my family half way around the world and back in the corporate world they now support my own entrepreneurial dreams.

I am a passionate result driven professional, my extensive global business experience spans three continents in which I have lived and project managed the start-up multi-million-dollar manufacturing operations. Having coached many executive teams my varied career also encompasses process engineering & operational management, corporate trouble shooting, operational excellence and change management, and new business development roles - supporting sales and marketing teams throughout Europe, Middle East, and Asia, working directly with Fortune-500, Blue-Chip companies…

As an experienced Non-Executive Director, I have helped steer and chair large and small-scale organisations.  Through my connections in the investment world I also facilitate equity funding for projects, acquisitions, and  commercial developments projects…

A former weightlifter and rugby player, I retired early from my successful sporting career through injury but still participate in various sporting and charity events.

As an award winning business and leadership coach with a wrath of business award winning clients behind me, including Scottish Business of The Year Award two years running with separate companies… I am passionate about you.

My goal as a partner in your business is to open your mind to new strategies and insights that create a platform for improved performance and increased profitability, empower you to maximise potentials, accelerate results, achieve excellence and create sustainable wealth through your business."

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Enquire About A Speaking Engagement

Speaking Engagements & ‘Transforums’  A ‘Transforum’ is a fast paced, open question interactive forum on any transformational topic that will add massive value to your next meeting, conference, network group or dinner…

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Take the TOP 40 Challenge… Out of the Top 40 ways Derek can help you and your business tick your top 5 and we can arrange to meet where Derek will provide you with new perspectives on those challenges with no obligation on your part.